Bodybuilding Fitness, Plyo Boxes And Arnie!

When he was at his prime, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a body that only bodybuilders could dream of. He worked so hard and didn’t quit until he reached his ultimate goal, which was winning the Mr Universe title. But complete bodybuilding fitness requires more than going to the gym and pumping iron every day, you need to have the right mindset if you’re going to succeed.

Now, maybe your goals aren’t to be the next Arnie but maybe just to lose some weight. That’s absolutely fine but you must fully commit to it and set out your goals in a precise manner. The reason why so many people fail in their bodybuilding fitness routines is they set no goals and have no plans. When this happens, you are doomed to fail because 95% of the time, you’ll just quit because you don’t know what you want to achieve.

So, right now, go and get a pen and paper and write down what you ultimately want to achieve with your own health and body. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds quickly? Firm up those flabby thighs? Or just want to be a fitter person. Write it down on the top of the piece of paper and underline it! Circle it! Just make it stand out.

Now that you’ve done that, start to write out how you will achieve this. Make a commitment to yourself. “I will go for a run or walk every day”. “I will cut out those chocolate bars”. “I will cut down on my alcohol intake”. I will buy a plyo box like these and use it everyday. Whatever it is, write it down and start doing it. Pin the piece of paper up onto the wall, so that you can see it everyday. Ideally put it somewhere you’ll see it first thing in the morning. Read it and say it out loud if you want but just do it.

Now that you have your goals set out, you can work towards them and know that you are achieving something worthwhile. Be like Arnie and get fully committed to achieving them. Your bodybuilding fitness will improve, as will your health in general. As the famous god Nike once said, “Just Do It!”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bowflex & His Bodybuilding Workout Routine

If you ask any bodybuilder who they think made the biggest impact on bodybuilding, the majority of them would say Arnold Schwarzenegger. The governor of California made the world look at bodybuilding in a whole new light, mainly when the movie “Pumping Iron” was broadcast. His true dedication and shear muscle size made him someone that was admired by both men and women the world over.

You only need to look at some clips of him bodybuilding to see how much effort and how far he was willing to push his body. Here are a couple of videos that show you him pushing past the limits that normal people would stop at:

arnoldArnold’s mental approach to bodybuilding and training was just as important, if not more, than his physical approach. His philosophy was to get his body to work with him rather than against him. He used to work on Bowflex gyms: as he liked the resistance of them and they made a better variety than just straight up weights.

On working out, Arnold was never someone who would stick to the rules. He didn’t follow a strict workout, he just did what he felt his body needed and could handle. He would often workout twice a day, which normal bodybuilders would frown upon. He would lift heavy weights in reps of between 6-10 but often could be seen doing 20 sets of them. Normal bodybuilders do 2-3 sets per muscle group.

Here are Arnold’s top 10 tips for bulking up and gaining muscle mass:

#1 – You should consume between 60-100 grams of carbohydrate each day.

#2 – Approximately 30 minutes before you exercise, you should eat some carbs.

#3 – Be sure to sleep for at least 8 hours a night.

#4 – Consume between 4-6 small meals each day

#5 – Every meal should contain approx 40 grams of protein and should be consumed every 3 hours.

#6 – Have 3 days of rest each week to allow the muscles to rest and grow.

#7 – Fish and chicken should be eaten instead of beef or pork.

#8 – Get your carbs from fruits and vegetables not sugar.

#9 – Get extra protein by drinking protein shakes and taking protein supplements.

#10 – There’s no need to consume more than 3 eggs a day.

Although Arnold does recommend 3 days rest a week, when in training or wanting to build muscle fast there is only the need for one day of rest each week. Here is a typical weekly workout schedule that he used to follow:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

On these days he would focus on his chest, back, legs, calves, forearms and abs. He would use a combination of bench presses, cable crossovers, dips and dumbbell pullovers to work his chest on his Bowflex gyms. For the back he would use seated pulley rows, T-bar rows, chin ups and deadlifts. His legs would be trained by squats, barbell lunges, leg curls, leg extensions and leg presses. The calves were trained by seated calf raises, standing calf raises and one legged calf raises. The forearms by wrist curls and reverse barbell curls. Finally the abs were trained for 30 minutes by free training with sit ups and ab twists and anything else he added at the time that he thought would help.

Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

On these days he focussed on his arms, shoulders, calves, forearms and abs. The arms would consist of barbell curls, dumbbell curls and concentration curls for the biceps. For the triceps he would use pushdowns, close grip bench presses, French barbell presses and one arm dumbbell extensions. The shoulders were trained by cable lateral raises, lateral raises, seated barbell presses and rear delt lateral raises. The calves, forearms and abs in the same way as mentioned on the other days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was and still is a legend in the bodybuilding world. You can’t go wrong with following his advice and watching how hard he trained if you want the same results in your own bodybuilding training and career.

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How To Choose The Best Home Gym

Many thanks for visiting our site. The purpose is to share with you reviews of the best home gyms you can currently buy today. We are passionate about fitness and want to make sure you buy the right one that suits your needs. So we will review all the top ones, share the positives as well as the negatives about them to help you make up your mind.

There are actually many variations of home gyms to choose from and various prices too. Some work with weights but others work with bands, which makes them lighter and ideal if you live in an apartment building.

Then there are the features to look at. Do you need a pec dec? What about a lat pulldown? You will have to write down which features are important to you, then you know that the gym will be the right one.
So stay tuned for our reviews and more info on choosing the perfect gym for your home.